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About Curran Research and Writing Services

I started Curran Research Services LLC in 2011 and recently added Writing to the name to promote that aspect of what I do as well.


For many years, I worked as a reporter at the Mobile Press-Register, where I specialized in investigative reporting and developed a series of tools for reporting on politics, business, the courts and other matters.  As a result, I have considerable experience in locating and using public records and interviewing people, then presenting the research in narrative form.


My reporting led to a number of criminal investigations, including the criminal case against former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and members of his cabinet and former HealthSouth CEO Richard Scrushy.


My 2009 book, The Governor of Goat Hill, chronicles that reporting and the subsequent criminal investigation and trial.


I am based in Mobile, but have served clients throughout the state as well as out of state.


Services I provide include:


  • Research and Investigative Services – Performing in-depth research and investigative services on individuals and companies and preparing written reports in connection with civil litigation, proposed business relationships or strategic decision making.


  • Research and investigative work for criminal defense attorneys, including in state funded indigent defense work, such as for capital cases.


  • Background investigations, such as learning more about a person prior to hiring or engaging in a business relationship.


  •  Procuring public records, whether through the use of online databases or public records requests.


  • Public Relations/Media Consulting Services – Based on an intimate knowledge of and insight into the media, providing advice and developing a strategy for people who find themselves under media scrutiny, or who wish to get their message out in the media.


  • Writing services ranging from small -- such as business letters or proposals -- to long, in-depth work. This could include writing family or business histories, such as following interviews and research, and assistance with self-publishing.


  • Business consulting. This would involve interviewing management and employees and providing a report, the goal being to provide owners and managers with insight into their company and flush out ideas and suggestions. 


About Eddie Curran


I graduated 1984 from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va. In 1988 I began a

19-year stint at the Mobile Press-Register. I was a sports reporter from 1988 to 1994, when I transferred to the news department.


I reported on all manner of stories, and developed a speciality in investigative reporting. This largely involved locating sources and using public records for investigative stories on public corruption, government contracts, businesses such as landfill companies,  and non-profits. I also specialized in covering the courts, primarily civil litigation.


In 2007, I left the newspaper and began writing, The Governor of Goat Hill, which I published in 2009. I became a private investigator in 2011.








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