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 Background Investigations 


Creative application of pay and public databases to provide background reports on individuals, companies, and non-profits.


My many years as an

investigative reporter provided

me with invaluable experience in locating all manner of public and governmental records, and developing interview techniques often required in such investigations.






Applying keen understanding of civil and criminal litigation to provide in-depth research on complex cases, including those with a political component.


This can include locating and scouring litigation and other public records to locate conflicts of interests. The goal is to provide information and insights to  a case that the client had not considered or was not aware of.




Ghost Writing


I have more than 30 years  experience as a writer, reporter and author. I can handle all manner of writing projects, from quick and simple to long and complex. 


Examples include:


Business letters and proposals

Press Releases


Personal and family histories

Assistance with Self-Publishing

Freelance Reporting

Skip Tracing/

Locating People


Using free and pay databases and other means, including interviews, to locate difficult to find individuals locally as well as anywhere in the United States.


This can include searching for witnesses in litigation, missing heirs, or long lost friends and relatives.





Service of Process



    Specialize in serving hard to locate individuals, which can include service in evening  and place of employment.


    If needed, I will take  the time to explain to people being served both what service means and who they should contact. This can help avoid confusion, limit possible anger at client/client's attorney, and lead to a more willing witness.


 Services I Don't Provide


Many private investigators

and detective services provide surveillance, such as for divorce and  worker's compensation cases.


I have no experience in surveillance, or secretly  videotaping or taping           individuals, and as such,  

     do not offer those services.



As an investigative reporter, I prided myself in taking a creative, open-minded approach to each situation, and in being thorough. I will do the same for you as a private investigator.


My goal is to try to provide information and insights that you were previously unaware of and had not considered, and to do so in a manner that fits your budget.


I have more than 30 years experience as an interviewer and gatherer of information. This goes hand in hand with my skills as a writer and reporter. 


I also provide writing services large and small, from writing letters and press releases to major projects,  including writing personal, family or business histories and memoirs, and assistance with self-publishing.


I do all the work, which is to say, I don't farm it out or use assistants.


Whether your are an attorney, an individual or a business, I hope you will consider using my services.


Eddie Curran    



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